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The TRBC team would like to thank you for your patience and messages.

Last week, through no fault of our own, we were “used” by someone who created an alias of our identity to send out fake emails and fake invoices.

We had a stream of emails and phone calls. Some of you were upset and confused, others called to let us know in case we were not aware.

We have had good feedback on how we responded. We thank our webmaster for her prompt action and support.

Though it was not our fault we had a plan. If you hold client or other data, in whatever format, we urge you to have a plan about how you would handle such an incident.



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Running your own business? Finance administration and tax bothering you? Check out our business support services and tax advice.
“I am sleeping a lot better now – your advice and service have really helped me get back on track.” Simon, Business owner, Bracknell.

Finance Workshop - Wokingham

Provide finance advice to businesses? Our expert finance training will keep you up to date
‘I look forward to these workshops!  I know I will go away with something new and relevant.” Contractor, Crowthorne


Growing your business

Want to grow your business? Check out our practical Marketing and Sales workshops for business owners.
The marketing tools and focus on the customer viewpoint completely changed my thinking, for the better!” Business owner, Newbury.


We also provide bespoke expert business coaching
Having someone like Isabel sat listening and questioning really does help you achieve answers that you probably would never get to on your own”. Business owner, Thatcham.



Setting up a business? NEW workshops and 1-2-1 support coming, January 2018.
I now feel more prepared & less apprehensive about starting my own business”.
“Motivated me & gave me confidence”.