Childcare Business Grants Scheme

£2 Million Childcare Business Grants Scheme – Applications Invited (England)

Launched earlier this year, the Childcare Business Grants Scheme aims to boost the provision of childcare in England and to incentivise entrepreneurship.

The scheme has been funded for one year with a fixed budget of £2 million.  There are three types of grant available, depending on the type of childcare business that is to be set up:

    1. £250 for new childminding businesses (a childminder is someone who looks after children in their own home, either alone or with help from one or two other adults).
    2. £500 for new childminding businesses (as above) that intend to provide care for disabled children.
    3. £500 for larger childcare businesses, including nurseries and out-of-school clubs (which are usually run in a specialist building), and childcare businesses on domestic premises (in someone’s home, but with four or more adults working there).

For further information:

Childcare Business Grants Scheme
PO Box 894
NP20 9NE
Tel:  0844 2642546

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