Investing in marketing? Get your head straight first!

Marketing focus – get focus before you spend money

I love working with people who are curious about what could be better in their business. Isabel, Director at The Real Business Club, reflects on working with a recent business owner client. We met through The Real Business Club’s marketing workshops in Thatcham.

Here’s a succinct portrait of the business owner. His overall challenge was that felt his marketing focus was unclear. He had:


  • skills
  • knowledge
  • track record
  • potential for a great business


But he also had brain fuddle

  • who or what was his real target market?
  • what website wording would get the market buying?
  • what goals should he really have?


Here is what came from the session with Isabel

Benefits – Investing his time in stepping back made a fundamental shift of thinking possible and led him to finding SOLUTIONS and

  • Confidence in decision making
  • Increased motivation
  • Options worth building on
  • Realisation – that even better is possible


What is your marketing focus like? If you are so busy or unsure why not head for coaching to use your brains!


This client’s top tips in a nutshell

  • “Are you struggling to find the answers on your own? .. then ..I strongly recommend investing time with Isabel and I can guarantee the time will be well spent!”
  • If your business is wearing out your brain – invest time (even just a couple of hours) in getting clarity and focus
  • As a business owner you are the decision maker. If you are so busy you don’t know whether you are coming or going – take time to become more effective.
  • Use your brains! Work out what you are best at and that customers want!


Would better marketing focus improve your business?

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