GDPR – stops joy riding with data!

The Real Business Club was recently the victim of a misuse of data and information. It was an unpleasant experience. In a way – someone went joy riding with information and left us with expense and frustration. Our situation was well managed and well protected. It became learning rather than pain. It made the reasons for GDPR very REAL.

There are good reasons for GDPR.

We want to keep data safe and respected – you probably do too.

You probably want to comply with the law about data. You can – it’s NOT difficult.

Good trusted engagement with our clients is very important – it will be for you too.

We have already delivered practical detailed training to finance professionals. The feedback showed they want to take care, they can adapt their systems to comply and it is NOT a total nightmare.


The key step is to know the data your business holds about other people:

  • What have you got and what do you use it for?
  • Have you got more than you need?
  • Do you keep it longer than you should?
  • Is what you use it for likely to be reasonably expected by the individual, based on their relationship with you?
  • Do you match data obtained from elsewhere?
  • Consent – clients actively opt in


The next step is to comply with how you hold it, use it and dispose of it:

  • You will need some planning to do this.
  • You will need people responsible for data and
  • You cannot ignore this!



Don’t be an information joy rider or encourage others!


TOP TIP – GO TO THE HORSE’S MOUTH – the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

These are great resources – straightforward and comprehensive.

GDPR practical training and advice for small businesses – BOOK here

Contact The Real Business Club if you would like GDPR practical advice and a complementary review of your readiness for GDPR. Email

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