Don’t forget to renew your tax credit claims

Families and individuals that receive tax credits should ensure that they renew their tax credit claims by 31 July 2018. If you do not complete your claim form on-time you may have your payments stopped.

HMRC has been sending tax credits renewal packs to those already claiming tax credits and is encouraging everyone to renew their tax credits claim online. If you haven’t received your renewal pack by now you should contact the HMRC tax credits helpline (0345 300 3900). 


Just remember though, no renewal pack will be sent to you until April 2019 if you first claimed tax credits after 6 April 2018.

You will need to notify HMRC where there have been changes to your family size, child care costs, number of hours worked and salary. Details of previous year’s income also need to be completed on the form to allow HMRC to check if the correct tax credits have been paid. 


You must also inform HMRC of any changes in circumstances not already reported during the year such as new working hours, different childcare costs or changes in pay.

In some areas of the country new claims for tax credits may no longer be possible as the introduction of universal credit is slowly rolled out. Universal credit will eventually replace tax credits, and other social security benefits. If you have an existing tax credit claim, the change to universal credit will be between 2019 and 2022.


One of the questions on the claim form asks if you have already submitted your 2017/18 Tax Return. I would suggest you do this at the same time as your tax credit claim.


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Dawn Edward
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