Marketing – it starts with the Big Sea doesn’t it?

Recently Isabel was coaching a business owner about their need for clarity in their marketing thinking and strategy.

We talked about the fact that there are lots of potential customers out there, all swimming around like different fish in a really pretty sea! The owner’s questions were around:

  • How is it best to catch these fish?
  • How do I get the fishing nets in the right place and target the marketing energy and investment?

Understand the fish!

We made a start on who and what the market for her service was really like. This helped her be clear on how her services fitted with the segments of the market.

At the end of the coaching session she had made a start on clarity over what her service really did. This leads to the answers – who is she aiming at and how will they be netted!

We talked through some really straightforward practical marketing and planning tools and how she could apply them. Instead of wandering around aimlessly in the big sea she can go to the best fishing grounds.

How a coaching approach worked

This person was experienced in business and life.

The skilled use of listening, probing and (yes!) some challenging questions revealed brain assets that were already there – they were just needing to be drawn out. Most business owners have these assets.

It was great to help this business owner unlock REAL insight, draw conclusions and then shape actions that had REAL direction.

Bite size goals

Coaching really helped her break what she wanted to do into chunks of actions and research that made sense, are achievable in amongst her busy family life and will save her spending money until she knows exactly what to spend it on for best effect..

Top tip

Marketing – Think clearly before you spend and time or money or stress in marketing methods.


Do you need more clarity to improve your businesses performance?

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