Business Owners Workshops

Workshops in Thatcham, West Berkshire.

A key series for business owners who want to improve Marketing and Sales performance and get more customers! Whether you have been in business for years or just starting out these workshops will

Help you plan

Get to effective marketing that leads to customer growth

Save you time and money

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Wednesday 11th October
Marketing planning and strategy – have a real plan that delivers for your business

Wednesday 25th October
Websites and social media – cut through the jargon and get your website and social media footprint working effectively

Wednesday 8th November
Using customer information effectively – using data you have effectively and knowing your legal duties

Wednesday 22nd November
Engaging your customers – grow life time value of customers and get more referrals

Wednesday 6th December
Plan a Sales strategy that works for you – hate sales or know that you loose them? Change this through skills and tools to use every day

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Time and venue
7pm-9.30pm at Thatcham Memorial Hall, Brownsfield, Bath Road Thatcham, Berkshire, RG18 3AG.


Feedback from Business Owners about our workshops

“Really enjoyed session. Having a structure to my marketing plans will make a huge difference.”

“I understand what I want from my website now. Thank you”

“The sales tools will be so useful. I have hated the thought that I have to “do” sales in the past but now feel more positive”.