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Wake up and do what you can! American presidents do say some useful things!

mountain-3015374_1920.jpgWhatever choices or feelings you may have at the moment, right now all business owners (of businesses that are massive or mini) are handling the impact of the current situation. Some will be making the headspace to leapfrog current hassle and think ahead. Some have their heads in the sand.

I think this quote 

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”

has great application to business owners. Which US president said it? Read on 

What are some of the things that businesses are doing to get through and come out the other side with a plan? Here are some top tips that business owners have shared with us – mostly simple things to do.

Re-engage with clients and customers

  • If in the last year contact has been difficult - plan and take action to be back in touch with your target market.  Focus on some key people. (Has their world changed? Do you need to offer something different?)
  • Decide who you want to be in touch with – is it the ones who have struggled most and would value a friendly call? Have they come through “on top of the world” and might be interested in your services already?
  • Pick up the phone! Some people are fed up with zoom or they have a mountain of emails. Cut through with the old-fashioned dog and bone.
  • Reconnect on the right social media platforms - see if they are active and what kind of topics appeal to them then get in touch.
  • Try something new to engage in a different way - maybe think about using something like the Vidyard App - a very simple and effective to use video message tool. Personal videos can feel warm and can be welcome if a contact is in need of cheering up!
  • Listen, listen, listen - never forget to listen. Take time to practice your listening skills, think about questions you would ask, Have and show empathy.
  • Be kind – kindness has made a big difference and keeping it going feels good!

TRBC-Little-Fellas-on-tin-phone-small.pngThink clearly about your clients and customers – what has changed for them? 

Here are some starting suggestions of things that may have changed:

  • Needs? New services or new ways they need to be delivered?
  • Pains? Are the new things that cause them difficulty and get in the way of them operating?
  • Worries? Do they face challenges that affect them - even emotionally?
  • Ambitions? Are they seeing new opportunities and need new support to deliver?
  • Transformed? Have they changed so radically and need you to work with them in a very different way?

 Know which “can do” president yet? Read on...

Re-engage with yourself – what has changed for you?

The Real Business Club has been fortunate to work with a huge range of interesting business owners during the lockdown.   

Here are some feedback quotes from a business coaching client. They give a real insight into personal perspectives and how life has changed their views:

“A time in hospital with gasping for breath helped me to see more clearly what I needed to do:

  • Be grateful for what I realize I have got
  • I realized I want to focus on what matters
  • Keep it simple in order to deliver and keep sane
  • Focus on my key skills and 
  • Focus on what I know I am good at and gives me personal satisfaction of a job well done and happy clients”

With this client, we helped them shape the options for “can do” that they did have. They saw new opportunities, new ways of working, new priorities, and new income streams.

To summarise 

Reflect           Restart            Revitalise

Oh yes – the president!! It was Theodore Roosevelt (1858 – 1919)

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Sometimes a bit of skilled outside help unlocking our “can do” is useful. 

If you need a skilled sounding board to help you shape your “can do’s” 

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