Marketing & Sales for Business Owners


Learn how to stand out from the crowd
Build a strategy you know works
Drive sales through effective marketing

All the workshops help businesses refresh their marketing approaches to get more customers. These workshops support businesses to focus on marketing, address anything that has got “stale” or been ignored. The workshops really help business owners have a workable plan that is relevant and appropriate to the time and resources available. 

With your action attending will improve business income - guaranteed!


Here are the key points of what you will get from the workshops:

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  • Marketing Planning and Strategy
  • Websites and Social Media
  • Using Customer Information Legally
  • Customer Engagement
  • Plan a sales strategy
  • Additional LinkedIn workshop

Price: FREE

Marketing Planning and Strategy.

  • Practical templates for a marketing plan you can use with confidence
  • Time to step back and think – am I getting the customers I want

Price: FREE

Websites and Social Media.

  • Making best use of your time to get results
  • Checking your website is fit for purpose
  • An intro to using the most appropriate social media platforms

Price: FREE

Using Customer Information Legally.

  • Getting the best from simple and often free strategies
  • Unlocking word of mouth
  • Getting the best from CRM’s
  • Email marketing including GDPR

Price: FREE


Customer Engagement

  • Making the best of the lifetime value of customers
  • Social media content that engages
  • Making and using video’s on platforms

Price: FREE

Plan a sales strategy.

  • Simple, effective sales techniques
  • Making the best of networking
  • Having an efficient plan

Price: FREE

Real feedback from previous attendees of our Marketing and Sales Masterclasses:

"Building a marketing strategy using the advice given will allow me to measure the results of my efforts"
 West Berkshire Workshops

"Showed me I MUST have a sales and marketing strategy – to give me back control of what I want to achieve."
Theale Workshops

"Really helped show the need to focus to avoid time wasting activities with poor ROI."
Delegate, West Berkshire Workshops

"Demonstrated to me that increasing customer engagement helps me to add value and build a community leading to more sales"
Delegate, Wokingham