Massage Therapy: breaking the pamper stereotype [Guest blog]

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 05:12 |

Guest blog by Eudaimonia Wellbeing

With an estimated 6.6 million working days lost due to workplace related musculoskeletal problems in 2017/18 [source], paying attention to our body aches in advance is no longer prudent, it’s necessary.

We met the owner of Eudaimonia, Mel Franklin, through our Grow Your Business workshops in Thatcham in spring this year – aimed at business owners. We got to know about the impact she has on people’s wellbeing and how it affects their lives, including for some, their businesses. We really wanted to share this with YOU!

As soon as we start experiencing pain our body starts adapting, looking to avoid any situation which will bring it [pain] on. Musculoskeletally, this could be something subtle: sitting differently in our chair, adjusting the way we move, using our other hand instead and maybe that’s enough to combat the problem. Yet for some, niggles persist or lead onto something bigger and when it’s too hard to ignore is usually when they come to see me: I am a remedial massage therapist who works with those suffering from chronic soft tissue pain.

My deep tissue work is my speciality. I choose to spend time on only one area of the body to access the layers of tension held deeply within the body. Chronic soft tissue tension often develops as a response to repetitive usedamage or malfunction therefore this work requires time to strip through those mechanisms involved. This approach yields good results, with clients appreciating the focus of quality over quantity by not spreading my attention too thinly, the benefits of which are pain relieving, stress reducing or improvement in functionality.

For anyone who has experienced pain, you know it is never just about the sensation of pain but what we’ve had to do to compensate or give up instead. It’s the dependency on pain relief, giving up the sport or hobby you love, not being able to play with the kids so easily, taking your time to get out bed in the morning, trouble sleeping or calling in sick to work. To change someone’s relationship with pain is to give them more back than just a relaxed muscle.

“I’ve been able to ride my horse this week and no pain for the first time in 6 months.”

This style of massage has proved popular for office workers, manual workers, parents of young children, sufferers of medical conditions; anyone where lifestyle, disease, injury or body structure brings about tensionaches and pains. You do not need to continue to suffer through chronic pain and investing in your soft tissue health can pay dividends in pain relief and pain prevention. Massage is a supportive mechanism that leads back to better health both physically and mentally.

Top tips

Stretching – Daily stretching is helpful in realigning fibres, breaking up tension and increasing flexibility. This makes your soft tissue less prone to damage and more able to cope with workload demands. (Mel has an assortment of stretches by body area on her youtube channel. The link is if you would like to see them.)

Rest – Soft tissue repairs, rebuilds and replenishes when not being used, equally true with nerve tissue too. Being ‘on’ all the time does not increase productivity, it hinders it.

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