Reopening your business in West Berkshire area?

Thu, 06/18/2020 - 15:14 |

Your COVID Recovery

Are you a business in the West Berkshire area that wants to get back to physical trading in the town centres? 

If you need to know about any COVID rules or how West Berkshire Council can help you – then please go to the links below.

The West Berkshire Council webinar (held on the 10th June) contains precise advice and information from Councillors and from senior officers. The content is really relevant and clear.

Here is a link to the webinar – there is no waffle and there are links to the right people and resources.


Ongoing information is also available via the Economic Development Manager. They are in

the process of setting up a regular newsletter to inform businesses about upcoming changes. If you would like to sign up to it, please follow the link here:


Would you like to come out of this stronger?

Independent business advice and support

The Real Business Club is also helping businesses in the West Berkshire area and Thames Valley more widely to come through the current situation. Here is some feedback so far from businesses either in workshops or having tailored business coaching...


“The structure of the recovery plan is really helpful”

“I do feel more confident about the future”

“The workshops have got me defining how I will move forward”

“It has got me realizing my priorities clearly”

“I will go away and sort out the reality of my cashflow and my real business income!”


Don’t let burying your head in the sand get in the way – reach out to make good choices.

Having someone who is independent, experienced and a business owner working alongside you can be amazingly useful right now. Especially if they are also great at recovery & financial planning. Reaching out if you are not sure about your options or your decisions is the first step to getting through. 

  • If you are not sure about your finances and what is best for you – and the advice that you have does not seem clear - then reach out to get the advice about schemes, loans, tax implications, planning ahead – don’t let it bubble away in the background!
  • If you think your market of customers has completely moved and you need to make changes – but not sure what to do – don’t let this bubble away unsolved.
  • If you have struggled with the impact of COVID on your health, confidence, worry levels – then reach out for confidential business coaching that will build your confidence and resilience from someone who knows what running a business feels like too.


Working out your specific “ready and recovery” plan – need some help?

Contact Isabel if you want to survive, want to be clear on a way forward and want an independent sounding board:

Contact her on 01189 680813 or email     

Isabel leads our team delivering practical common sense business coaching to businesses.


Want to improve your business finances and understand the current options and rules?

If you want to build your business and reduce your stress levels then talk to us!

We get alongside business owners and their staff, take the fear and pain out and release owners to do what they want to do.

Contact Dawn on 07896 665104 or email   

Dawn leads our team delivering common sense clever finance services to businesses.