Clear goals do help drive you and therefore your business as well

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The Real Business Club recently delivered workshops to business owners in Thatcham – people who had been in business for years. What was striking was that none of them had any clearly defined goals and when we covered this in the workshops and showed some tools to help – their feedback was really good on how useful and revealing it was to have some help defining goals. It unlocked all kinds of other actions that they needed to take to grow their businesses and plan. The workshop series was on Marketing and Sales for Business Owners – but it applies across all business aspects.

Defining your goals

Do you have an end goal – a point you really want to reach? Can you describe it in detail as what you want to achieve and not “Well I hope this works out but it depends on………?

Do the goals align fully with your aspirations? Do you have goals or fuzzy dreams that may seem un-reachable? The following points can help test the goal being clear.

Even if you are not sporty, business is a bit like sport – the better we know what the goal looks like – well – the more chance we have of hitting the target!

Football sitting in the back of the net


Work - life balance

How much time are you prepared and able to dedicate to your business? In an ideal world how much time would you spend on the business? What do you want to achieve and is there something/ s that your current life (be that in employment or personally) that are blocked but really matter to you?

You will have to make choices. What would you do if your home life needs clashed with the needs of the best client you have and who is demanding?

Your values

What kind of values do you hold as a person? What are the qualities in yourself or in others that you admire and want to be able to use beeter? These are not peripheral matters. You are the decision maker of your business and knowing your values and how they will help you make decisions will be important to your motivation and energy to keep going, especially when times are tough.

What if someone comes along who says “We can cut corners on delivering this and it will make you a lot of money. Are you in?” If you know your values are “quality” then this might help you make a decision!

Financial security

One personal goal that all small businesses will surely hope to meet is achieving financial security for themselves and their family. What will this look like and what will it take to plan to get there? What financial situations are coming up in the next few years that need to be considered? Be real and honest with yourself and anyone else your decisions affect.

You may have education fees that are going to need covering in the next years. Is your business making enough money? Does it need a boost and what will you actually do?!

Would it help your business if you know your goals better?

It can really help to have someone else skilled in drawing out and defining goals. This can be a business coach who will be objective, listen and clarify with you. If you want to be clearer why not call Isabel, a coach who has worked with 1000’s of business owners. 07759 074864

Want to improve your business finances as well?

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