Client Story | Expert plumber finds his right level in business and in life

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Finding the right advice and support for accountancy and financial planning

Matt Sennett tells his story of how Focus Port has helped him make good business decisions.


The starting point: Getting money systems right and knowing I was doing the right things

I have been in business for 4 years. I had an accountant but did not feel I got all that I needed. I didn’t really enjoy the backroom stuff and didn’t feel very clever when asking for advice (so that put me off asking!). I knew I was good at my trade but didn’t find the other parts of running the business very comfortable or enjoyable. I didn’t really have a framework for making business decisions – I just had to guess. I knew that I was not making the best of the money side of things.

The advice and support: Switching my accountancy and financial advice

The first brainstorming session with Isabel helped clear my mind so that I could make decisions. It also helped me see my skills differently, which was great and has really stuck with me. I am good at plumbing, and it is making my income, so that is fine. However, I have explored other ways to make money and use my skills in a much more satisfying and creative way – which I love.

I had never felt comfortable asking what I felt were regarded as “stupid” questions with the money side of things. With Focus Port, the great thing was that Dawn’s style meant I felt fine asking questions, having explanations and advice. When I have needed to make decisions, it is great to feel confident that asking was all right and making better decisions in the long run.

  • Tax planning and thinking longer term

The service really helps me think longer-term about money.

The impacts: Income growth and peace of mind

The impact has been very positive – especially as my business has changed over time. Instead of me just diving in and doing what I thought I ought to do – well, I now have had proper knowledgeable expert and friendly advice and support.

I love using all my trade skills, and brainstorming opened up a whole new world for me – in the way I use my skills and my creativity. This compares with my (sometimes) boring day job that pays for the bread and butter!

Having the advice throughout the COVID time has meant I have got through with my cash flow stacking up and know that I have got all the business grant help etc., that I should have had.

All these things simply mean life is less stressful in these areas of the business and in my head!