Client Story | Fantastic fencing contractor rates our services - fantastic!

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Little Fellas with the support of Focus Port

Our client, Chris Nash of Chris Nash Fencing, Bracknell, Berkshire, shows his story about how Focus Port is helping him run his business.

The starting point: Needing a new accountant

I knew I needed to change accountant when the one I had was very unwell and unable to provide a service. Before this, I had been served by diabolical accountants who had been useless. Information had been non - existent and landed me in bother. I knew, therefore, what I was looking for.

I like what I do, good quality fencing for various clients, but I am not great with the backroom paperwork side.

I had poor service previously that had given me worries, not confidence. It had led to time-consuming hassles talking to HMRC, and I did not want this again. Focus Port has been a complete answer for me.

I would sum up the service as:

Effective. Great communication. Proactive advice. Unquestioned value for money.

The advice and support: Great quality, timely finance communications and reassurance

I run a good tight ship on digging holes and putting up great fencing, but I am not attracted to spending time in the backroom! I am astute on pricing and building a profit.

I now feel 100% confident and safe with Focus Port doing the bits I don’t like doing. The expertise in tax, tax planning, bookkeeping and accountancy is invaluable.

With the software advice, it is now set up to suit my business. I can now see my costs properly and keep track. With the accuracy I am given, I know there are no surprises.

Hayley actively communicates clearly and straightforwardly – keeping everything tight. I really like this.

The attention to detail is excellent. No stones are left unturned, which means I am never rushed about getting information together.

The impacts: Peace of mind, and I can sail along.

Getting the regular updates from Focus Port tells me exactly where I am financially, which I love. All the worries have been taken out.

I can get on with getting the business that I want in.

I can focus on what I am good at, enjoying life.

Thinking about planning ahead – I know the Focus Port team will work with my aspirations and help me make the right choices.

Value for money

Absolutely excellent. I know what I am getting, and it is unquestioningly trustable. I get reliable, high-quality all-round advice and support.