Client Story | Quality Property Maintenance Service gets its own house in order and maintains business growth.

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Little Fella proud of his business growth

Paul Davies from Feltham shows that Focus Port helps with pricing and all the backroom stuff too!

The starting point: Looking to balance retirement income/ work levels and do the part of the business I really enjoy

The first coaching and advice session with Dawn and Isabel was fantastic! It was the first time in 20 years in business that I felt I had someone on my side, particularly with the financial aspects. Even before you had looked at any of the financial details in-depth, I felt a weight was lifting off my mind. I had had several accountants over the years, but none had really helped join up the money side and what I needed to do for tax. I had never had any tax planning.

I had never really had a forward plan, but now, with the advance of years, it has been great to have a good plan, understand what the money is doing, and have things organised efficiently. This includes decisions on properties, sorting out tax issues and just having everything on a much firmer foundation.

The advice and support: Financial review and evaluating best options

The advice on pricing – simply built my confidence to put up prices for the first time in a few years. It felt great. The advice also helped me tighten up how I price for jobs. All the things I had been doing for free I just felt confident to include and charge for. The big thing was the realisation of what was stopping me from putting up prices – and it was all in my head, and your session changed this.

You just asked such good questions – it opened up my thinking and got me to think differently, got some clarity instead of ideas just in my head, and realised what more I can do and still have a good lifestyle.

That advice on getting my accounts, bookkeeping and tax planning done properly meant I had no hesitation in switching my money side to Focus Port.

The sessions helped me make decisions and have confidence in them.

The impacts and results: Income growth and peace of mind

I have been able to think forward and plan much better.

I feel better having got these things sorted out and knowing that I have not got any money surprises going to jump out at me.

I want to enjoy what I do. I like working with people and doing a good job. Knowing that you are on my team in the background is very reassuring. Reassuring that you are watching over decisions and going to advise me of the best options.

Value for money?

No hesitation in saying yes. Great advice and communication about my money.

Focus Port has been of great value simply because it has helped me sort out my money so well.

Compared with all other accountancy services I have had, this is the most comprehensive and trustable. Particularly on tax advice and getting old tax bills sorted – Focus Port has got this all sorted after years of poor or no advice from other professionals.