Client Story | Seeing clear business growth

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Business training services – learning about real business growth.

Award-winning Opticians in Hounslow goes from strength to strength

The starting point: Looking to grow a well-established family-run business and support changes in staff roles

Cranford Opticians has been trading for over 30 years in Hounslow. In this time it has secured a reputation as a friendly, experienced, independent Optician’s serving the community of West London and beyond. The Real Business Club supported us through COVID, working through potential changes and leading the process of change and advising on changes to pricing and staffing.

The advice and support: Building confidence in business finance, taking on leadership and shaping new services and pricing

In the words of the business manager:

The coaching and advice sessions with The Real Business Club were great because they were flexible and the topics I needed to cover were taken at my pace. The practical expertise in finance was blended with building my knowledge.

The advice on reshaping the finances and planning for the future was excellent.

Being able to ask questions and work through the answers for my context was great and to talk through things honestly was very useful.

The advice around how to plan for working with additional staff, change the pricing structure, retain the family and local ethos but have the right marketing messages helped me see how all the aspects of the decisions were relevant.

It all helped build my confidence to communicate and plan what we needed to do for the future and why.

The impacts: Better financial management, clearer marketing, succession planning

In summary, the advice sessions helped in decision making, planning communications, working through options, seeing the big picture and where decisions fitted in and the consequences of the options on the business and customers.

It helped by giving a leap forward in business clarity.


In the words of the business manager:

Really useful – I have never had anything like this before. Advice and expertise helped me understand the finances for the current situation and what needs to be done for the future

Really good – the structures and tools for decision making are so helpful.

The sessions have helped me shape how we move forward as a business over the next few years.