I can be all things– to all customers... can’t I?

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Take time and define

Define. Define. Define. Take time and define.

“The riches are in the niches” so said Pat Flynn, the American entrepreneur and author. If you want to know the second part of the quote - read on.

The Real Business Club is just about to start delivering the popular Start your own Business Workshops (https://www.therealbusinessclub.co.uk/SYOB). All kinds of business ideas and entrepreneurs will be coming to the workshops. The topic of the ideal customer/ client is covered within working on the wider topic of marketing.

This is a pixelated image that needs definition
This is a pixelated image that needs definition

We have been pleased to work with over 3,500 wonderful people through the years. The workshops helped them move forward. Importantly they move forward on realising having an idea of their ideal clients/ customers is not just a good thing, it is essential for success.

Take time and define
Take time and define


In one workshop someone said, “Well my business idea would help anyone, anywhere, everyone needs it.” After using the marketing handouts they realised that they had to take a step back and take time to do some research and be much clearer. This helped them be much more targeted, helped them save money on marketing materials and save time on wasted phone calls.

Let’s get back to knowing the niches...



Don’t be put off defining your ideal client or customer. We have heard workshop attendees put off defining for several reasons:

  • Lack of confidence that they can decide who they want the customers to be
  • Uncertainty about the success of getting customers – and hoping for “drift in” customers or
  • Thinking it will be better to be a bit vague and “more people might want it”.

The downsides of not defining can be, among others of course:

  • Time spent on the wrong marketing
  • Money spent on unproductive marketing
  • Being part of networking that is not leading to the right people
  • Inability to describe what you can do or solve in an appealing clear way
  • Pricing what you offer incorrectly and wondering why people don’t pay
  • Lowering prices that mean no real profit is made

Still wondering how Pat Flynn’s quote ends?


Top tips

Questions to define your ideal customer

  • Use questions as part of even simple market research as you start-up

Here are some good ones but add your own

    • What is my ideal client’s annual income?
    • Who makes the buying decisions in their home and how is this discussed?
    • What makes this person stay up at night worrying?
    • Who or what influences what they buy? (Keeping up with the Jones’s, Social media influencers, desperation to keep kids happy)
    • Where specifically does this person get information when they want to buy something? YouTube, blogs, local newspaper, down the pub etc


Of course, clients and customers can come along and some will be good. But in the long run, Pat Flynn says…

“The riches are in the niches but the fortune is in the follow up”!

Our next blog will be on practical follow up.   


Feedback on our start-up workshops

“Fantastic workshops – you have helped me answer questions I didn’t even know I needed to ask!”



Our popular Start your own Business workshops are starting in September.

A daytime option – aimed at residents of the greater Reading area – www.therealbusinessclub.co.uk/SYOB10

An evening option – aimed at residents of West Berkshire area – www.therealbusinessclub.co.uk/SYOB


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