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Thu, 06/04/2020 - 11:11 |

Whatever choices or feelings you may have at the moment you are probably not alone in being unsure about the what next – all business owners (of businesses that are massive or mini) right now are handling the impact of the current situation and some will be making or have the head space to leapfrog current hassle and think ahead.

What are some of the things that businesses are doing to get through and come out the other side with a plan?

One thing business owners are doing is recognizing that how they are responding is an act of will – some decisions can be “grabbed hold of” and some outcomes can be controlled. They are also realizing that an important starting point is working on their emotional response. 


Take steps to take control of what you can control

There is a lot about this situation and the world that we simply don’t control. It can be difficult but try to focus on what you can have an impact on such as these things:

  • Your time and how you use it; 
  • Any money you have and how you spend it (including cost cutting where relevant);
  • Your thinking and decision making about how you do what you do, how it could be improved;
  • How you look after your own well being and that of anyone close to you;
  • How you communicate with family, friends, colleagues or staff and customers;
  • Get a focus on financial and tax planning to make the best of what you do have.

We are involved in working with our clients and other business owners and here following are some of the steps they are taking.


Your emotions about the situation matter a lot

Talking to business owners recently I don’t think people have ever been so open about what they are feeling. For many their perceptions and struggles are not being bunged behind closed doors because we realize we are facing some similar difficulties. When it comes to it we are emotional and we need to make this a positive asset for the future.

  • Face up to how you are feeling but don’t be too hard on yourself. These are strange times and very few people can be instantly ready;
  • Decide if you want to survive and make this a statement “I will get through this. I will succeed”;
  • Use your brains to overcome physical barriers to clients or customers accessing your services of products;
  • Actively take steps to get yourself away from being “stuck in the headlights”;
  • Don’t panic – it simply does not help you to make well judged decisions. Try to slow down anything that is a rush to “change prices” or start making offers or changing radically what you actually offer.

Your customers and clients – put them central to your thinking and decision making

Remember that they have emotions too! Put yourself in their shoes as they are thinking about their own needs for safety, confidence or re assurance about what will happen when they take up services or start being out in shops etc;

  • If you consider making any changes to processes then walk these through with your customers absolutely in mind, engage with how they may be feeling, think through what needs to be absolutely clear in your communications (website) and in service delivery (safety and staff skills).
  • Embrace technology and whether it can actually make your service delivery better regardless of what happens next. What has this situation shown you that is a cost saving or making what you do more or less accessible to customers?


If you feel unsure about your decisions for next steps and think you have no options at all – read on...

We are working with a variety of business owners right now and helping them make their new normal clear to them.

“The session with Isabel helped me calm down and realize the options that I have”

“I feel unstuck and more able to make decisions

“Dawn was fantastic at explaining what financially I was able to claim and how to plan ahead

“The session unlocked my creativity – great”


Take action that will move you forward and prevent you being stuck!

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