Sniffing out great green stuff [Guest blog]

Sun, 09/01/2019 - 00:00 |

Guest blog: Tracey Rawling Church, Ecobeagle


The Real Business Club loves having guest blog writers from businesses we get to know.

We met the driver behind Ecobeagle, Tracey Rawling – Church, through our business workshops in Reading in spring this year. We got to know about the impact she makes on how people improve their environmental actions and the impact of this on their lives. We really wanted to share this with YOU!

We’ve all seen the alarming images of environmental damage caused by plastic waste in our oceans and deforestation for palm oil cultivation. The sheer scale of the problem can make you feel powerless. But I firmly believe that accumulated small actions can make a difference, so I set up Ecobeagle to help people easily find plastic-free and palm oil-free substitutes for the products they use daily.

Tracey-Rawling.jpgAll the products I sell are free from plastic and palm oil, and are mostly sourced from small producers based here in the UK, who are all committed to using natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. Typically, they’ll be making only one type of product – soap, perhaps, or deodorant. My frustration as a consumer was that I had to visit a dozen websites and pay multiple shipping costs to find all the products I needed, so by bringing them all together in a one-stop shop I make it easier for people to find all the things they need and I also give the producers a wider audience for their products. I do all the due diligence to make sure I can vouch for the provenance of the raw materials, and I select only products that offer great quality at a reasonable price.

There has been a massive spike in demand for plastic-free products due to the effect of programmes like Blue Planet and Hugh’s War on Plastic, but the supermarkets have been slow to respond to the challenge. I find it pretty depressing when I visit my local store and see aisle after aisle of products in plastic packaging, many containing ingredients that are toxic to wildlife. So the other key feature of Ecobeagle is a social media campaign that shares good news stories about actions that have had a positive impact on the environment.  I consider this to be as important as promoting my products, and an essential component of the Ecobeagle brand. As Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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If you’ve been inspired to reduce your consumption of plastics and palm oil, head over to to browse the range. The discount code TRBC gets you 10% off, and collection is free from my base in RG1. For a daily dose of environmental optimism, like and follow @ecobeagle on Facebook.

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