Three Great Steps to Growth through Social Media

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Get crafty with social media!

The Real Business Club loves having guest blog writers from businesses we get to know and trust.

We met the writer here, Sarah Douglas from StickerKitten, through our marketing and finance workshops in Thatcham, west Berkshire. We got to know about how she has got business growth through social media.


READ ON - Here are specific top tips

As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder, customers are very much thinking about Christmas. But how can you make the most of this time of year to help generate sales for your business? This blog post aims to give you a few social media tips on how to engage customers over the festive period.

The key to a good mix of content across your social media platforms is to follow the rule of thirds. Ideally your content should be balanced between:

  • Things that help your customers (such as tips, advice, tutorials).
  • Inform your customers about your products or services you offer (such as new items in your shop or recent clients you have worked with).
  • Be personal with your customers through personal content and interaction (such as details about what you are working on behind the scenes, images of you and your product/service in action and any questions or discussion type posts that invite interaction).

The last point is especially important as it helps people to feel connected to you as a real person, and builds trust in you and your brand. People often work with small businesses because they feel a personal connection with the people behind them.

At StickerKitten we design and sell our own range of craft supplies so some of the things we do over the festive season are:

  • Create tutorials to show our customers how to make handmade cards and other Christmas papercraft items. We’ll usually make a blog post with text and images or create a video on YouTube and then share the link on Facebook and photos on Instagram. [[insert image 1: tinsel wreath card]]
  • Share links to products in our shop that we know our customers might be looking for. For example, parents and grandparents are likely looking for Christmas gift ideas, so we created a special make-your-own unicorn cards kit that’s suitable for older children to make cards without any fancy equipment. [[insert image 2: unicorn card kit]] If you have a business that sells products, think about how they could be packaged to make gifts. If your business offers a service, could you create gift vouchers for people to buy?
  • We try to give a behind the scenes look at the next products we are developing, for example photos of sketches or prototypes, and ask our followers what they think, or which designs they would choose from a few different options. We also post images of us at local Christmas craft fairs or when teaching at workshops. [[insert image 3: craft fair]]

Ensuring we keep a balance of content has helped our business and allowed our number of followers and customers to grow over time. The aim of social media is not to increase followers, but to engage with people who have an interest in you and your brand and build trust with them over time so that they are confident buying from you.

If you’d like to find out more about our craft supplies come on over to where you can browse the shop, find inspiration on our blog or read more about us. You can also keep up to date with us on social media:


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