Business Coaching Experts

Coaching for Business Owners

Our business coaching is about enabling you to be more effective in business.

Putting business owners in control

Our clients tell us our skill is in helping them: 

  • Take control of their time and effort
  • Find relevant real solutions and plan 
  • Overcome barriers that are holding them back 
  • Take control of themselves and their business
  • Be more creative

The benefits of business coaching

We know that all of these benefits have an impact on them as individuals:

  • Feel more satisfied in themselves and their business
  • Prioritise and use their time more productively
  • Make and plan money decisions effectively and with confidence
  • Gain the work life balance they want
  • For those that manage other people the benefits and impacts are on positive team performance

Coaching someone like you? 

Our coaching approach is about:

  • Genuine non judgmental listening 
  • Using a broad range of business coaching tools and techniques that are tried and tested and work for all kinds of individuals in all sectors
  • Working with the whole person – not just the “business identity” bit 
  • Bringing real business experience to the coaching and having empathy
  • Working together and producing real solutions that are right for you and that work for you.

Working with the issues you may face?

Our coaching works for all kinds of business people facing all kinds of issues and opportunities. Those who:

  • Want to grow their business
  • Are not feeling fully effective
  • Want to plan ahead
  • Need an independent sounding board
  • Need to de–stress or feel less isolated
  • Want to manage business / life balance
  • Want to sort out conflicts and tension either within themselves, or family businesses or in people management
  • Want to make financial decisions that are robust

How does having business coaching work? What you get

The coaching is through sessions either face to face or over the internet. How many sessions and at what intervals is built round what works for the business owner. It could be 2 sessions for a very specific issue or a series of sessions as solutions and action planning unfold. The structure would be agreed with you following an initial conversation about what you would like to work on.

The success is based on you, as the business owner, having commitment and confidence that the benefits are relevant, put you in control and improve your business and your life.

Coaching is confidential

Want to know more about how coaching could help you?

Expert coaching for Business Owners is provided by Isabel King (our business coaching expert) and Dawn Edwards (our finance and tax expert), Directors of The Real Business Club. 

Isabel is both an experienced qualified coach (Henley Business School), business founder and owner and trained mediator. Please contact her on 07759 074864 if you would like to know more and to book a free 30 minutes and find out if coaching could help you be more satisfied in your life.  

Dawn is a finance and tax specialist who helps people feel confident making decisions and in understanding and managing the finance side of their businesses and personal life.

Here's what business owners say:

“I have got a great feeling of being “enabled” to make progress - which I haven’t had before”

“This has been useful to help me know and begin to get through my blind spots in the business”

“I have got a plan now – fantastic step forward”

“This has really helped me understand why I have not moved forward before - and how I can now - great progress”

“This has given me revelations about how to work differently”

"Being listened to has felt great”

“This is moving a lot of barriers and helping me find a way to success”

“I feel in control of decisions and how to make better decisions”

“I feel less on my own and like I have someone on my side”

“It felt safe to talk about anything”