Client Story | All aboard the land train!

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A new business in Kent with a great future

This article is about Dover Land Train, founded in 2020 by Vicky Corney – Young.

Focus Port (the financial advice and support arm of The Real Business Club) has been integral in helping Vicky shape the idea and build the financial aspects of her business.

The starting point:

Building on a business idea that was in need of clarity.

I was making the transition from being a successful sole trader in one sector to needing to be a Ltd Company for a new venture I had invested in. I had been running my own business for over 6 years but decided I wanted to sell up and start a new business. I only knew a few of the basics of being a Ltd Company and most of my knowledge was not about setting up a new business in any way.

I, with a business partner, was ambitious to make a great business fit into and be successful in a gap in the market.

With my partner, we were putting in a lot of money but were still not really clear where the business was going. We did not have a full plan by any means.

Before the coaching and advice session with Focus Port I was in this starting place:

  • I was only really thinking about the bits I had any knowledge on
  • I was a bit blinkered about the idea and what it really was
  • I did not really have a robust plan or a way of getting to one a plan
  • I couldn’t really see all the opportunities because I was too focused on what I was familiar with

The advice and support:

Empowering my ideas and advising me on the financial side

Having business coaching has made the world of difference at just the right time.

The main things I found useful:

  • Made my plan thinking much more of a “whole picture” and filled in my knowledge holes, especially on the money side
  • Helped me confidently switch action plans when a barrier was in my way
  • Opened up my thinking to seeing new opportunities
  • Having your skills facilitate the sessions stopped me from getting bogged down in details that were not helpful
  • You overcame all the jargon on Government websites and put it into human language with me. Helped me realise I wasn’t stupid and stopped me sinking into doubting myself
  • Inside I had some answers but the way you worked helped draw out of me what I did know. The encouragement from you made a difference and stopped me from overthinking (which was preventing moving forward).

The impacts:

Clarity of mind and confidence that you will give me the right financial advice and services

I felt empowered and the sessions have been a great boost to my confidence and my determination to succeed. Added to this you have helped me

  • Keep being tenacious about what I want and not to accept “No” from other people and stakeholders
  • Have more of a plan which has meant I feel in control, I have hold of the reins and I know where I want to go. It has really helped me be robust in fending off people who have other agendas and just want to interfere to suit themselves.
  • You have really helped me strengthen my own resolve, feel confident in my decisions and strengthened my negotiation skills
  • I have confidence I will have the best financial systems and advice supporting me and the business growth. If I have a question about the money and tax sides I can come to you and feel confident

Switching my financial advice and accountancy provider

I have had accountancy and bookkeeping services before so I know what I am comparing Focus Port with.

I strongly felt you were not just “Yes people” taking my money and not going to give me good service. I know from the way that you work with me that you care about my success. I feel you are really on my side, in the team and want the best.

A great thing too is that communication both ways is so easy. You answer my questions and reassure me.