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Little Fella surfing to success.

...of a healthy growing beautiful business

This article is about Paul Upward Photography.

Focus Port (the financial advice and support arm of The Real Business Club) has been doing Paul’s bookkeeping, tax advice and accountancy since he started.

The starting point:

Wanting to do photography my way and build a business

Over 6 years ago I was all new to the business. Isabel and Dawn were invaluable to help me get in the right direction and keep me in the right direction. I did not have a clear idea of how to “see” my business or shape the marketing direction I should go in. The first coaching session really helped address this. I had been made redundant and in honesty was terrified of what business on my own would mean. I did not have any business financial experience and without expert advice would have just gone by intuition and hoping for the best.

The advice and support:

Marketing, self-confidence and managing money

  • Marketing – It helped so much having advice around using my contacts and network of people and how to get in touch with them. The early sessions gave me the essential confidence to reach out, engage and build relationships. The lifetime value of many of these contacts has been a foundation for income and profit growth.
  • Since the first time of putting my finance backroom into the hands of Focus Port the advice on managing money, using tax and expenses effectively and on using and setting up the right software has been amazing – simply took away the whole uncertainties or lack of knowledge I had.
  • The way that the Focus Port team works together is so effective, time-saving and simply is a 1 stop shop to help grow businesses.
  • The tax advice and thinking about money longer term has helped so much as I just know I would not have paid attention to this or known how to put the right things in place.

The impacts:

Income growth and peace of mind and letting me get on with what I am good at and passionate about

  • Got me through COVID!
  • The whole money side of the business has been mainly stress-free – well apart from what clients do or don’t do!
  • Having the finance side of my business with Focus Port has meant I have been able to keep focused on what I am good at and what I enjoy most.
  • Getting the advice and support on my bookkeeping and switching to the most appropriate software was also smooth, Hayley’s training was excellent. It’s great to know I have got the best system set up efficiently. I would not have known how to choose!
  • It’s great to have confidence in taking the right financial decisions at the right time.
  • Profit and income levels – have all consistently gone up and I have been tax-efficient by knowing the right expenses.

Value for money?

No hesitation in saying yes. Great advice and communication about my money.

I regularly check other costs and change suppliers if I need to. It never crosses my mind to do that with Focus Port services.