Dawn Edwards

Director & Co-Founder


Dawn Edwards is a co-founder of The Real Business Club (TRBC). Dawn brings her fantastic tax specialism and finance knowledge into the mix of how TRBC works with businesses. Dawn’s 10 years at HM Revenue & Customs is a foundation for her knowledge few other finance professionals can match. Her passion for, and ability in advising businesses and individuals to get the best out of their money is a revelation! Her specialisms include making the best of tax, tax planning and tax advice on property investments. She manages our business support service called Focus Port.

Dawn’s business background:

  • 8 years independent Tax Consultant to wide range of businesses and individuals, business owner – Zen Tax Consultants
  • 10 years HMRC as Business Adviser and trainer – providing taxation, NI and VAT advice to all types of businesses.
  • 18 months Fredericks Foundation – loan scheme systems designer and implementation.
  • SFEDI mentor
  • 18 months – Business Link trainer
  • N&P Building Society Manager (7 years)

Our Finance Workshops are run on a regular basis with Dawn taking the lead using her vast experience in finance and tax. Read what others say about Dawn!

"Dawn is a really personable individual, who has a relaxed style, but stays focussed on the subject in hand. This makes her a fantastic communicator, for example while running workshops, which I regularly attend, and a very helpful lady to know. With a great sense of humour and an extensive range of experience in all things financial, Dawn is a lovely lady and a fountain of knowledge, especially when it comes to HMRC rules and regulations. I strongly recommend you delete HMRC's telephone number from your contacts and replace it with Dawns (...although she won't thank me for saying that last bit!!)."  
Jason, Finance & Tax Training, Wokingham