Pasta and profits anyone?

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Focus on business – cook the dinner as well – sure thing.

WFH – Working from home – is tough for some.

TRBC-Little-Fella-in-distress-small_0.pngDawn and I recently delivered a workshop over zoom. The topic was partly linked to “managing yourself in your business” and “achieving what you want”.

You know what it is like over zoom – seeing other people’s homes and somehow also seeing a snapshot of their lives.

We had a glimpse into one business owner’s world. They were trying to multi-task. What do you think got the most attention in the moment?

The business owner was “attending” the workshop from their office location – the kitchen table. The workshop was about halfway through when a couple of children wandered through the kitchen in the background. We faintly heard “What’s for tea?”

After a few minutes the business owner, attending the workshop, got up and started cooking pasta!

Maybe the workshop was a bit dull?

Maybe the children were very hungry?

What do you think got the FULL attention?

Whatever happened – multi-tasking from that office location was not going to work. The focus was on the children, the saucepan and the workshop in the background. In that order. It was a valiant effort.

Being at the workshop will not have been the most important thing that person could ever do to grow their business. However, working out how to have a place and headspace to focus probably would be incredibly beneficial in the long run.

What do you think?

Could any of these tips have worked for that business owner? Which ones do you think would have made a difference to them to achieve more?

Here are some good tips from business owners on one of our (other!) workshops:

  • Make your workspace, however small, as attractive and happy as it needs to be – to entice you to work there!
  • Be realistic about the time that you actually have. If you do the school run or pick up kids from an after school club then you simply cannot expect this to be “working time”.
  • Set friendly boundaries for other people who may share your space. Talk it through with them and show them how much it matters to you to focus on your business.
  • Be in the right clothes and feel “I am at business”

Quick read recommendation

Check out The Smarter Thinking Book by Kevin Duncan (published by LID Publishing) if you want other bursts of practical and fun business inspiration – including how to handle:

  • Time management
  • Distractions
  • Focusing on the right things

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