Think LinkedIn is not for you? Then read this ....

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The Real Business Club works with and trains all kinds of business people who sometimes miss the opportunity of Linked in – their presence (what they say and how they say it) does not do them justice, or it is just out of date.

The following blog is written by an excellent Linked in specialist we have known for years. 

Whatever your business…

  •             If you don’t think Linked in is for you – read on!
  •             If you know your profile “could do better” – read on!
  •             If you have no idea whether it could help you get more clients or customers – read on!


Think LinkedIn is not for you? Then read this ….

People often ask where LinkedIn fits in with their business especially when they perceive that they are B2C only. On the face of it they may look to be accurate with their assumptions, but on many occasions, I have shown the businessperson that in fact they are well and truly in the B2B space and therefore LinkedIn is very relevant.

The reason for most people making their assumptions is that it is an individual that purchases their products and services. This means it is B2C, but what do they do for a living? Many will be in a business where a LinkedIn profile is a good business tool, in fact they may be senior managers or even directors. Many in fact will be business owners themselves so will be on LinkedIn to promote their business.

s LinkedIn is the main B2B online tool and in fact some people see it in a completely separate class to other social media such as Facebook. I lean towards this idea and do see LinkedIn as a great Business tool regardless of what the company does. There will be some businesses that will not benefit from a LinkedIn presence and some that should not be on the platform at all, but in over a decade of networking and using LinkedIn, amounting to meeting some 10,000 businesspeople, these exceptions are few and far between.

The big thing is to remember that LinkedIn is a massive search engine as well as a platform to be found on. This means people use it to search for people for all manner of reasons and it could well be the service or product that you supply so not being on the platform means that you are missing out on a potential revenue stream.

A small investment in both time and money could open up a new potential revenue stream not to mention its lead generation potential. Can you afford not to be in with a chance of getting this extra business?

To summarise LinkedIn most definitely is a business tool across both B2B and B2C and having a winning profile will indeed bring in new business.

This blog has been written by Tony K Silver who has been using this fabulous business tool for over a decade and now runs a successful company dealing in LinkedIn training, presentations, workshops and profiling. With over 2.4K connections and having attended 1250+ events Tony has seen it all and now wishes to offer his expertise so that others can really use LinkedIn as an important Business tool regardless of size or industry.

Please take a look at the testimonials that Tony has received over the years.


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