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We thought you might like to read the feedback from some of the people who have attend our events, rather than always hear from us.

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Learnt a huge amount about finances that will directly assist in setting up and launching our business/ Made us aware of missing elements that we need to address asap

Attendee Theale

I really liked the openness of course and the environment of being able to ask any questions and your question being answered, not just a generic response

Attendee Theale

Explaining the three step process of the marketing “triangle” was extremely insightful as I feel as if I have missed the “messages “ stage

Attendee Reading

Thank you again for your time and help, it was exactly what I needed.

Matt Jones, Focus Port Client

Friendly, open and able to ask questions

Delegate, Newbury, West Berkshire

In depth, plenty of information, easy to understand, up to date.

Delegate, Newbury, West Berkshire

The business journey action plan is good and makes you think about your time lines and actions you need to do...

Workshop Delegate, Hungerford


I just wanted to thank you both for yesterday. I usually hate networking type events with a vengeance as my mind becomes blank and I don’t know what to say! However, I found yesterday something of a breakthrough as it really helped having my table of ‘props’ there in moments of dryness! So I feel this is the way forward for me – not necessarily the table, but perhaps having something with me to show and help me out when I’m stuck! It gave me a lot more confidence and made me feel credible as a professional, which is a leap forward as I usually feel apologetic to be wanting people’s business. So thank you both for facilitating this huge advance. Also, thanks Isabel for the mind-mapping talk. I found that a really useful approach to looking at the business holistically. I do use mind-mapping, but generally just look at chunks of the business, or problems, at a time, and not the whole picture and I really feel this is going to be beneficial. I’ve got your card, so may well be in touch in the future to see if you can help me further with this.

Tracey, Reading

The workshop really helped me to focus on my opening statement - I was doing it OK but now it's more stream-lined!

Although I thought I was delivering value in every conversation, I realise I need to ask more open questions.

Great morning - very worthwhile. Max was extremely clear and Dawn's anecdotes backed up his talk brilliantly.

Stress Free Selling Workshop Delegate, Slough

I have done several of Dawn’s finance workshops as well as attending various of The Real Business Club’s networking/marketing events. I would definitely recommend the finance workshops to any bookkeepers wanting to keep on top of current legislations etc. The networking and enterprise events are a must for anyone looking to start out in business and unsure how to take that first step.

Liz, Wokingham Finance & Tax training and Networking delegate

If you're looking to get your business off the ground, or take your company to the next level, I would encourage you to talk to Dawn and Isabel. They have a great mix of experience and a genuine desire to help small and medium businesses. Their passion is visible throughout their training courses, networking events (in Wokingham) and in every conversation I have with them. If advice seems to be hitting you from all angles and you're unsure what to do, you should give Dawn and Isabel a call.

Max, Bracknell Forest

I recently used Focus Port business coaching services as I was feeling a little lost within the business and was trying to find focus. Isabel was fantastic; her great engaging personality and ability to see where sticking points might be really helped me to find answers within myself, for myself. I’ve used the outcomes to really get some perspective and focus and the business is moving forward as I wanted; I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Focus Port

I would like to wish you well with the funding and “Thank You” for the enormous amount of support you have given me and Swindon.  The Real Business Club has pushed me and given me so much support to go self-employed! It has been an enormous relief to have your interaction and to use you as a back up service. Because there simply is no one else whom you can speak to on a neutral basis regarding setting up a business.  Although I appreciate Business Link, the Internet is not the same as social contact Having someone who can explain things to me, has made such a difference.  Meeting with other peers at a low level has benefitted me and my company so much. I know that I can attend the Chamber of Commerce at a cost, but they are in a very different place to me and my small business! I cannot recommend your service enough. Thank you for all your help and may you continue with your excellent service.

Colleen, Swindon


The workshops have given me a greater understanding of social media and what I can use for my business

Rowena, Wokingham

It has encouraged me to take my idea seriously.  I can do this!

Jaspreet, Hounslow

At today's session I learnt how to manage our budget, income and expenses. I would normally give this to our accountant but now feel confident to do most of it ourselves.

Girish, Hounslow

I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from all your courses this year.  See you in 2014!

Keith, Finance & Tax Training


Given me actionable activities which I need to do to improve my business - excellent!

Kim, Greenham, West Berkshire Workshops

A great workshop today. Thank you. I am learning so much - you have provided me with so much useful information to proceed with my business idea

Karen, Bracknell Forest

Very knowledgeable presenters, passionate and interesting and interactive

Delegate, Finance Workshop, Wokingham

Answered lot of questions and gave me confidence to start setting up the system I will need.

Workshop Delegate, Hungerford

The Real Business Club is a very useful mixture of information, help and support; from the first thoughts of setting-up a business, where lots of information and help is available, to improving your knowledge through workshops / training and meeting people at networking events, which is all a massive support to improving your business. You can attend regular workshops, which Dawn makes really informative and interesting, while the relaxed atmosphere makes it enjoyable too. Dawn is very knowledgeable and chooses varied and appropriate topics - one for each workshop. I highly recommend each aspect of The Real Business Club.

Jason, Wokingham & Finance and Tax Training

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the training session on Wednesday at Newbury College, and to let you know that I got the contract at the meeting I mentioned I would be attending on Thursday, at my full rate as well.  Thanks for the valued added confidence I got from the training.

Workshop Delegate, Newbury

Today has allowed me to view my ideas as realistic and not just a dream.  I feel well informed on how to move forward with my ideas and the small steps to take to get where I would like to be.

Stephanie, Calcot, West Berkshire Workshops



Many thanks for the event yesterday. Like everyone else I found it of great benefit and very inspiring. You obviously put a huge amount of effort into it and for me it really made a difference.  I look forward to the next Real Business club event and will be passing on the details to anyone who might be thinking of starting up their own business as I can’t think of a better group to do it with.

Adam, Reading

I discovered what my focus could be - reality check!

Lejia, Reading

Good straight forward advice.

Lawrie, Reading

Very helpful to make me think. Something I needed.

Bob Hounslow

It was not like other training - not a lecture and really helpful.

Joshua, Hounslow

I would like to say there have been several benefits that I've taken away from The Real Business Club.  However there's one that stands head and shoulders above all else for me.  That was the clear identification of who my competitors were and therefore which market to place myself and my product.

Richard, Wokingham

You have given me a better picture of how to plan for my business

Menaka Hounslow

Interesting and most useful workshop.

Brian, Wokingham

Helped me put some things into perspective and I now realise I need to do a lot more research.

Monia, Reading

Initiated thoughts about practicality, funding and personal commitment.

Raman, Hounslow

Great - a kick up the backside to me to find out and fill gaps in my knowledge and methodology

Attendee Reading

Very motivational and enjoyable.

Bob, Reading


Helped to build my confidence and move forward

Liz, Wokingham