What people say

We thought you might like to read the feedback from some of the people who have attend our events, rather than always hear from us.

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Business Owner’s Coaching


Has helped me overcome barriers and cluttered thinking


So empowering! I have had a rough time with COVID and did not think I would be able to even stay the time for one session – but you have made it paced just right and my attention span was fine.


The processes and timelines incredibly helpful, I had nothing like this to help me really look forward. It has been given me a resource I can keep adapting, communicating with and reviewing to keep me on track


I could hug you – the branding conversation and the way you used words was excellent


Helped get the priorities right – essential and something I have struggled with.


Helped us as a team see the big picture and will help us plan the next steps clearly and see the same vision.


Given me such a confidence boost. Your feedback giving was so well done, got me moving and more self-aware.

Business Owner's Finance


With regard to the financial topics you helped me feel relaxed and comfortable on an area I feel weak on and you made it so that I was not out of my depth at all


The explanations on the finance options were so clear, we didn’t feel stupid asking questions.


Absolute nuggets of wisdom! The point about “finance as a servant” is brilliant. The session was set up really well – clear what was going to happen and how we were going to work together and this was reassuring and professional.


On the finance side – well has answered so many questions, helped me know what to do now and what to be ready for and just helping me feel confidence


The finance tools will get me in much better control and the structure of them is not a “turn off” – I can see myself being more keen to do finance things regularly – a great step forward!

Business Owners Workshops in Finance


The workshop has shown me how to re - assess all expenses and allowances. I realise what I have been missing for years.


Attending the workshop has pushed me to use the business plan template to really plan and have a strategy. I have been in business years and not really grabbed this.


Great session on NI and the different classes and what they mean. State pension forecast and forecasting properly for the future and exit plan


I have got greater knowledge on what info I am missing regarding my costs and how finding that info will help my business - thus motivating me to find this info!


Improve my pricing – great to have the pricing matrix to actively help me make decisions. I have been operating on too much “gut feel” and low confidence to charge the right price.

Business Owners Marketing & Sales Workshops


Some real “light bulb” moments around aspects we had not looked at before. I have been in marketing for years and the session opened up avenues I had not thought of.


The marketing triangle will really help me “do collapse” my marketing head by using it, keeping me on track and clear on actions.


Given me a real priority to focus on. I need to narrow down scope of business rather than trying to be everything to everyone


Realising I haven’t looked at marketing plan since I started in 2012!


Realising I need to focus on an ideal customer to get them!


I used this SPIN/ BANT frameworks after the last workshop series and it has made a big difference - I just need to tag it to a clearer and more consistent strategy!


The realisation that I don’t value what I do well enough – but that the tools will help me address this


Start-ups Training Workshops


Great workshops – got me off to a flying start.


I feel that I can begin to organise my thinking and that my my business could be a viable idea.


The tools for marketing are excellent – I really understand who my customers are now and how to reach them effectively.


Excellent clear explanations – gave me the confidence to know I was doing the right things.


Feeling more mentally prepared to plunge into officially starting up my business. Before I started these workshops I had my doubts about whether I'd understand exactly how to run my own business. I'm much happier now!


I have a better understanding of expenses, record keeping and tax return timeline so feel much more confident now that I will know what to do when the time comes.


Thanks for making clear the message that I NEED...EMPATHY, PATIENT AND COMMUNICATION to improve.

Start-ups Training Workshops


I needed to know all the things we covered and don’t know where else I would have got the information.


Very welcoming and friendly sessions.


Thank you so much for the course, really positive and helpful. Informative and gets us thinking from many perspectives and angles to cover many bases. 


My knowledge and confidence is definitely growing. I really appreciated thinking about what customers would value and how to get good customer feedback (ie complaint policies and frameworks in place…)


Really helpful session. Ladies thank you so much, answered a lot of my questions without me asking them. I have learnt a lot this sessions on what I'm missing out on within my expenses. I’ve actually worked out that this tax year I will get a tax rebate hooray!!! Thank you so much I'm chuffed to bits.


I just wanted to say I am thoroughly enjoying the sessions and finding them incredibly useful. They are well planned and easy to follow and engaging. So thank you again for both your help and hard work!